Mechanization Exhibition

The mechanization exhibition is a remarkable event which takes place every year immediately at the beginning of the year. This year again at the Expo Haarlemmermeer, close to Hoofddorp. In an area of 10,000 m2 the exhibitors bring a range of products into the limelight. Products and services of very diverse nature, especially concentrating on the flowers, bulbs and perennials sector.

As a visitor you will find many novilties, approvements and a wide range of products. A varied selection of agricultural tractors, equipment, planting-, lifting- and sorting machines, computers, disinfecting cupboards, washing- and immersion baths, packagings, protective means and products from many different suppliers and installation companies will be represented at this prominent exhibition. In addition, there will also be tax- , judicial and financial services present.

Besides, a lot of attention will be paid to environment and safety, the requirements of which are increased all the time. Think for instance of the possibility of obtaining an endorsement to the spraying licence.

De vooraanmelding voor 2021 is geopend

De tentoonstelling 2021 is van dinsdag 12 januari t/m donderdag 14 januari